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Oasi's  works since 1989 looking for new flavors and combinations to allow their partners (bars, restaurants, bakeries, ice-cream parlors) to offer their customers a wide range of solutions among hot and cold drinks always guaranteeing the best quality and a unique taste.

Since its foundation, Oasi's always is distinguished by the quality of its chocolates, teas, creams, yoghurts and sorbets, by the constant research of new combinations and flavors but still producing more traditional drinks.

Oasi's selection includes:
  • • 32 gusti di cioccolato caldo
  • 32 hot chocolate flavors
  • many qualities of teas
  • aromatic coffees
  • creams and special products like creamy, milky, smoky
  • shaken Ice cream
  • shlushes
  • yoghurts
  • milkshakes
  • sorbets

Oasi's is not only characterized by the variety and quality of its product but also by the extraordinary care and attention dedicated to its customers.


Coffee bars, pastry shops, restaurants and ice-cream parlors can count on Oasi's support during:

PRE-SELLING, by listening their needs and trying to find solution which fits better to anyone.

POST SALES, by helping partners to prepare and offer simply the best drinks.

Oasi's also offers a wide choice of accessories, like:
  • • mugs and cups;
  • • bowls and small cups;
  • • glasses;
  • • creams, ice-creams and milkshakes cooking machines;
  • • special articles to personalize shops and make them unique;

The quality of Oasi's products and services is guaranteed by the more then 20 years experience of the founders, the family Pasqualato and the sons Alessandro and Francesca. Under their control the company had a great development in Italy and abroad. After 10 years selling in Ho.re.ca. Oasi's has become a complete cycle company that includes both the production unit and the commercial department.

One thing never changed in the company's philosophy and this is the constant effort to offer variety, quality and expertise to its clients: traditional recipes next to new and originals solutions that make Oasi's the  key contact partner for bars and restaurants that wants to surprise their customers with unique flavors and timeless aromas.

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Oasi's Commerciale produces chocolates, tea, cold creams, drinks and desserts for its customers bars, restaurants, pastry shops, ice cream parlors since 1989. The best quality and a unique taste.

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Oasi's Commerciale S.a.s

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